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FirstHealth Employee Plan Pharmacy Benefits

Doctor giving prescription
IPC Copay Assistance Program

FirstHealth employees enrolled in the FirstHealth Point of Service (POS) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans through FCC are eligible for this cost savings program administered by PillarRx. If you are already taking or start a medication eligible for this program, a representative from PillarRx will contact you to assist with enrollment.

For additional information see the Program Summary and Frequently Asked Questions. All questions related to this new program should be directed to the IPC Copay Assistance Team at (636) 614-3126.

Tier 1 Generics

Talk to your doctor about prescribing a lower cost Tier 1 drug.

Mail Order

Limit your trips to the pharmacy with our convenient mail-order benefit. With this benefit, you can get a 90-day supply of your drugs delivered directly to you.

If you prefer to pick up your prescription from a retail pharmacy you still can. With our expansive pharmacy network you can find one near you

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